why ezetransport

An average person spends about 100 hours per year using transportation to work or leisure. Why not use that time to improve the passenger experience.

why ezetransport

apply anywhere...

We can provide you a hotspot solution that can be applied on any platform, from the Airport areas to a Bus station or the Bus itself. We have no limits on where to apply our solution. Our smart solution was developed considering innumerous possibilities for application.


Customized for you...

You can pick any scenario, from giving it free to all passengers or only giving it to first class, you can use the highly customizable landing page to promote your services or even sell them directly online. We can provide you with a hotspot solution that not only works but it will also allow your business to deliver an original state of the art service to your passengers.

Internet user in bus or train

Control your 4G

Mobile bandwdth is more expensive than any landline. There very few countries in the world offering unlimited traffic using 4G. Taking this in consideration we created a full engine that will allow you to monitor your usage while giving a first class experience to your pasengers.

control your 4G

ROI & sustainability...

Free Wi-Fi to your passengers comes with a cost to you, we believe in business sustainability. To support this concept we have included in our system a full advertising engine that will allow you to show targeted ads to your passengers. 

Return on investment

innovate & integrate...

Smart solutions are only smart if they bring innovation. Our solution was fully created by us and can be integrated with basically any system, either is a passenger counter, a ticketing system using QR codes of NFC, you name it. Bring us the challenge and we won't disappoint you.

innovate & integrate...


  • Provide High Speed, Secure Internet on the go
  • Compatible with 3G, 4G lines
  • Industrial design for long durability
  • Bandwidth Control - dynamic and static
  • Full flavored smart Hotspot system fully customizable
  • Smart Captive portal with user self provision
  • Advertising module
  • SMS Authentication
  • Reduce Cost by Actively Monitoring the vehicles and wireless.
  • Control Internet Usage & Users
  • Infrastructure deployment and support if required.

The future of transportation is here...

Wi-Fi onboard is not new, but smart Wi-Fi onboard is something unique we have to offer, let us show you how smart it can get.

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