Full Control...

Need to control the student and faculty Internet access? Not a problem, our EZESchool can provide you with powerful tools to have full control over who is using and what is being used.

Full Control...

Why EZESchool ...?

We have a unique solution that can be integrated with basically any service in your school, from the access to the internet to the access to school contents and interaction between the devices.

Why EZESchool ...?

Limited Access...

Not everyday is a good day to give students access to the internet, easily manage this by defining which days are not suitable for providing access to the Internet to the students. This can be managed by student, class or an entire year.

Limited Access...

Junior hackers...

Opening your Wi-Fi to the school students might bring drawbacks, this incredible tech savvy generation could easily eavesdrop on the staff connection to hijack information. We thought of that and have the perfect solution to avoid it, ask us how...

online safety

The Cloud School...

Our system is fully cloud based, meaning you can control all your schools from one location. The Wi-Fi access points are also all controllable from the cloud. No need for unnecessary visits to the school from the IT, make it happen from the cloud.

Cloud Internet

Not Allowed...

All schools have their rules, the Wi-Fi should not be an exception. Easily manage the contents that are and aren't allowed. Filter by URL, file type or application.

Parental Advisory


  • Customizable Gateway in every aspect
  • Web content filter
  • Cloud control for both gateway and Wi-Fi allowing to manage from central location
  • Compatible with both leased and ADSL lines
  • Easy integration with Windows Group Policy.
  • Captive portal can include other school smart features
  • Fully customizable captive portal
  • High performance Wi-Fi to accommodate with video broadcast
  • Infrastructure deployment and support if required.

Make your school an example of smart learning

 Allow us to demonstrate you how we can turn your school into a beacon of innovation in the education system.

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