Wi-Fi is the key...

In a connected world shopping while online is a must now a days. Keep your shoppers busy online and increase your visitor rate, turning your per square feet higher than ever.

 Wi-Fi is the key...

Online ads...

Nothing is free, offering Wi-Fi to your visitors should bring you some sort of ROI. Our system will allow you to channel targeted ads through the Wi-Fi, giving you a chance to capitalize on this service.

Online advertising through hotspot

Bandwidth Management...

Our smart solution includes from the bandwidth management to the Wi-Fi network management through our unique controllers that allows you to configure all the access points in your mall with one unique click without the need to even be on site.

Bandwidth management shopping mall

Social shopping...

Know your visitors, information is power, we are in the age of big data and analytics. By knowing your visitors you have the power to control your campaigns, your strategies. Our social media integration works both ways, it helps you promote your mall and know what your shoppers really want.

Social data collectioon

High expectations...

The moment you put the poster on your mall advertising Free Wi-Fi, the visitor expectation will be as high as the paid service they have at home. We will help you maintain that expectation by providing first class support directly to your visitors through our hotline.

Shoppers using wifi in mall

Shopping in the clouds...

Our Smart Hotspot system can be completely deployed in a cloud enviroment, this gives you the power to controll several malls including the WI-Fi, from one centralized location.

Cloud internet in shopping mall


  • Fully customizable solution that refelcts your mall
  • Social media integration to get to know your guests
  • Advertising module for quick ROI
  • Offer quality connection with our advanced HSIA engine
  • Cloud system, manage you mall(s) from anywhere
  • Keep track when your guests come back
  • Full turn key solution that includes HSIA and WI-Fi
  • Business Analitycs module allows you to know what your guests like
  • First class support for your guests. 

Turn your visitor into revenue

Making your mall interactive starts with one click. Let us show you how.

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