Offering high quality and reliable Internet access to your guests is crucial now a days. We have the solution to have you worried about your business and not your Internet.

The Future is customizable...

No hotel looks the same or is the same. Our in-house built HSIA will be customized for your property, you control the HSIA instead of the other way around.

WiFi for hospitality

Reliability & Performance

These points are never negotiable, our HSIA will make sure that your guest Internet access in never an issue in your Hotel ratings online. 

Burj Al Arab

Special Events

Become a business hub for major corporations to host their events at your hotel. With our HSIA you can easily manage the bandwidth allocation for such events and personalize their captive portals with a couple of clicks.

Special hotel events

Balancing the Web

Harness the power of your Internet connection by taking advantage of our HSIA load balancer. You can combine multiple Internet lines as one. This can be use as a performance or redundancy making sure your ISP is not the bottleneck.

balancing web

Your Portal...

Use our highly customizable captive portal as a marketing tool for your hotel. The CMS can easily alter the contents of the login page giving you a tremendous tool for ROI and to impress your guests. Our HSIA can intelligently rearrange the Portal to fit your guest needs.

hotel portal


  • Smart Gateway that can be customized for your requirements
  • Intelligent and customizable captive portal that allows for CMS
  • Multiple Captive portals in the same Hotel
  • Captive Portal fully compatible with mobile devices
  • Compatible with Leased and ADSL lines.
  • Can load balance and combine multiple Internet lines
  • Easy to use Web GUI that gives you full control of the devices connected
  • Complete control over guest bandwidth and traffic limits
  • Easy to integrate with any major PMS in the market
  • Special event module allows for easy configuration and deployment
  • 7 Star service and support.
  • Unlimited concurrent user capability

The future of HSIA starts here...

We could try to explain the great features that our solution has to offer but instead we would like to show them to you.

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