Did you know that more than the quality of your coffee, the fact if you have Wi-Fi access will determine if your customers come back.

Double your sales...

We can create a hotspot solution that you can use to attract more customers and maintain the existing ones. Give them the opportunity to post online how happy they are in your place or work losing track of time and buying more products from you.

The average time a person spends on a coffee shop without internet is less than 15 minutes, consuming in average a coffee. When a coffee shop has internet access, that average increase to 30 minutes and the client consumes at least 2 coffees or any other product.

Double your sales

Make it unique...

We can customize almost every aspect of our solution and make it fit right into what you need. Turn the captive portal into your shopping window, use the Hotspot system to run surveys or show videos.

Starbucks coffee

Up in the clouds...

Our Hotspot solution is fully cloud based. If you own multiple coffee shops we can make that one customer can use their voucher from you coffee shop also work in another you own. This opens endless opportunities on how you can surprise your customers and keep track which branches they like the most.

cloud hotspot slutions

Socialize it...

Social networks are a core marketing strategy of any brand. Our hotspot can integrate with all the major social networks. Harvest the power of those "Likes" and create an audience through your Wi-Fi Hotspot.

social network

No worries...

We are the ONE stop shop. We will provide the full turnkey solution that includes Wi-Fi and all the necessary components. Our team will do the full installation, configuration and training, all we ask is a nice cup of coffee...

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  • Completely customizable Hotspot 
  • Turn the Captive Portal into your selling point
  • Social Media integration
  • Manage multiple branches from a cloud based controller
  • Easy to use Web GUI, control all branches with one click
  • Voucher, Scratch Card or SMS, pick the authentication model
  • Compatible with Leased line or ADSL
  • Full turnkey solution that includes Wi-Fi AP and Cloud Controller
  • Full reports that include user information for Marketing campaigns

Start making the difference now...

What are you waiting for to call us and make your coffee shop unique? Contact us and let us show you all we can do for you.

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