Events and congresses need connectivity, without it feels incomplete. Most businessmen will have the need to connect to the internet in order to stay updated with their emails, or to connect with their networking partners in the event.

WiFi Solutions for events


Save yourself the embarrassment of your guests complaining that they have no access because you reach your maximum number of sessions. Our smart solution is for unlimited sessions making sure that at the peak of success of your event, everyone will be connected.

WiFi Solutions for events  in GCC


One of the main requirements for a successful event, is to make sure the bandwidth is enough for everyone and reliable. Part of our event package includes a load balancer, which will allow you to combine multiple lines and act as a fail over. Meaning even if one ISP fails, your event will still be online.

WiFi Solutions for events


Take control of your event connectivity. Our smart HSIA will allow you to see in real time where your guest are connecting, how much they are consuming, how your network is behaving. Complete reporting is available in real time to help you take critical decisions.

WiFi Solutions for events in GCC


Our smart system will provide you with a complete set of reports with insightful analysis of your event Internet usage. It will be possible for you to collect important information about your guests, which will allow you to better understand who attended your event and use it as ROI. 

WiFi Solutions for events in GCC


The biggest challenge for any event is to provide reliable Wi-Fi for massive crowds. With our vast experience and access to the top Wireless technologies we will make sure that your guests experience is perfect. We use the new gigabit Wi-Fi trends with multiple frequencies and channels, that will allow even for video streaming in high interference enviroments.

WiFi Solutions for events in GCC


  • Smart Gateway that can be customized for your Event Requirements
  • Quick Wi-Fi deployment for temporary locations
  • Intelligent and customizable captive portal
  • Multiple Captive portals in the same Event
  • Compatible with Leased and ADSL lines.
  • Can load balance and combine multiple Internet lines
  • Easy to use Web GUI that gives you full control of the devices connected
  • Complete control over guest bandwidth and traffic limits
  • Easy to integrate with Event Management Software
  • Special event module allows for easy configuration and deployment
  • Business Analytics and insights of your event attendance through smart reports
  • Unlimited concurrent user capability
  • Onsite support during the entire event

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We have a vast experience with events and congresses. For the past 2 years we have provided the Smart Hotspot system to the Government Summit in Dubai, this is the largest government event that attracts yearly tens of thousands of attendants.


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