EzeLink Telecom is UAE’s first and only IT R&D company, started in 2004 with a very ambitious project, to become the number one supplier in the UAE for hotspot and bandwidth management solutions. Starting from scratch we now manage over 25,000 hotel rooms not only in the UAE but also in the GCC. Our continuous growth has gained us the respect and appreciation from other companies and organizations. In March of 2014, Ezelink Telecom purchased ISP Company "CaboCom" in Cape Verde.

About us...

EZELink Telecom is a leading independent software vendor and service provider of managed Wi-Fi solutions.
EzeGate hotspot and bandwidth management gateways facilitate the deployment of reliable and scalable hotspots for hospitality, retails, corporate and government organizations.
Created in 2004, EZELink Telecom is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and services clients across the GCC and beyond – managing over 2 million Internet connections every month.

Optimal service at competitive prices

We believe in delivering the best service at a fair price. Our philosophy has always been to create cutting edge Wi-Fi, hotspot and bandwidth management solutions at sustainable values. Give us a try. You will be surprised how much we have to offer without breaking your finances.

New adventures...

We never settle with what we have, being dynamic is part of our DNA. We decided to take our Smart Hotspot and Wi-Fi technology further apply it in a demanding environment that would truly put us to the test. In 2014 Ezelink purchased a Wireless ISP in West Africa called Cabocom. Using their existing footprint, we applied our Smart Hotspot system as the main management and our Wi-Fi as the primary access.


Learning never ends...

Technology changes every day.
At EZELink Telecom, research and development is essential. Quality insurance and client servicing are in our blood. So is innovation.
The EZELink R&D team continuously explores new paths and opportunities. It pioneered a number of technologies such as cloud hosted management, social Wi-Fi and hotspot advertising.

Innovation services the consumer

EZELink Telecom innovates with one key priority: optimizing the user experience.
EZELink recently introduced EZELimo, a unique Wi-Fi hotspot solution for vehicles and public transports that provides a unique consumer experience through its captive mobile portal.

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RTA: Free WiFi in intercity Busses
RTA: Free WiFi in intercity Busses

There was lots of media attention for our RTA deployment. On 106 busses there's now free WiFi. CEO of EZELINK, Maher Al Zarouni said: “Innovation is one of the key pillars of growth in the UAE given the vital role played by technology in realising the vision of smart cities. Today’s...

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Our latest Facts & Figures
Our latest Facts & Figures

Our latest Facts & Figures show that EZELINK is constantly developing by focusing on efficient solutions that meets the needs of the present.

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Kick off; Training Day
Kick off; Training Day

Recently EZELINK shared their knowlegde by giving training about EZECloud System Adinistration. The training was good in building fundamentals knowledge for WiFi, how it works and what are the common problem scenario’s.The training covered a new enterprise managed Wifi setup that will be on...

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